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For Immediate Release

September 15, 2008

Reform Group’s Media Campaign Urges DeWeese To Allow Votes on Senate Reform Bills

House Majority Leader won’t allow votes on 7 Reform Bills passed Unanimously by Senate

NEW CUMBERLAND, PA- House Majority Leader Bill DeWeese says he supports a reform agenda, but he won’t even allow votes on 7 reform bills passed unanimously by the State Senate.

Therefore Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania, a group well known for its efforts to repeal our state’s illegal pay raise via billboards, radio ads, and ‘Remember the Pay Raise’ bumper stickers has launched a new media effort to push the Senate’s reform bills.

The strong radio ad campaign has begun airing on 4 popular radio stations in DeWeese’s district urging the House Majority Leader to allow votes on the 7 reform bills passed unanimously by the Senate.

Under DeWeese’s leadership, these 7 reform bills have gone nowhere.

The 7 Senate Bills: 986 (bonus ban) 1499 (limit state employee vehicle use) 729 (post government salary info online) 467 (increase penalties for Sunshine Law violations) 903 (prohibit state agency consulting contracts unless reviewed by AG or competitively bid) 1201 (post state plane info online) 1015 (inform public when tax dollars used in advertising)

(See attached Scarnati/Pileggi letter for more on the 7 Senate reform bills and their unanimous passage in the upper chamber.)

“All 7 of the Senate’s reform bills passed unanimously, with wide-ranging support from both Republican and Democratic Senators,” said Young Conservatives of Pennsylvania President Chris Lilik. “If Mr. DeWeese really believes in reform, he needs to do the right thing and allow votes on all 7 of these reform bills.”